Catering Terms

The Caterer (Gold Coast Catering), at this moment, reserves the right to make minor adjustments to the menu if certain ingredients are not available due to reasons that are beyond the Caterer’s control. The Client shall pay the Caterer the total cost of retaining service as stated in the invoice. 

Service Charge and Sales Tax: A Service Charge of 20% and Massachusetts (MA) Meals Sales Tax of 7.00% will be added to all Food and Beverage invoices if applicable. The Caterer will waive the Meals Sales Tax upon receipt of a copy of the Tax-exempt certificate in compliance withMassachusetts Department of Revenue guidelines. 

The Client shall pay a minimum 50% deposit at signing to secure the proposed date, and the balance is due no later than fourteen days before the event. The Client also agrees to pay the Caterer any additional services not included in this Catering Contract but directly associated with service provision in this regard. 

If The Caterer is prevented or delayed from fulfilling in part or whole thisCatering Contract due to war, state of emergency, natural disaster, or by any other act or condition that is not within the Caterer's control and which could not be prevented, the Caterer will not be held liable. If the Client cancels the catered event following a signed contract or minimum deposit, then the Caterer will receive 75% of the total estimated charges for the canceled event. 

The Caterer will maintain a General Liability InsurancePolicy during the term of this Catering Contract. The Client agrees to hold the Caterer harmless for any damage, theft, or loss of the Caterer’s equipment, plates, and utensils, including any motor vehicles that may occur at the catered event by anyone attending the event. Suppose either party brings a suit or other action against the other to enforce this Catering Contract or seek damages concerning the default of the above-listed obligations. The party that is ruled in favor shall be due the recovery of all costs and reasonable attorney fees.

This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of Massachusetts in the United States of America and any applicable Federal Law.